Blue Penitents Society Founder Kit






Should someone wish to establish a Blue Penitents Society outside France, God helps, here are the main points to work on.



a) Three persons minimum as co-Founders should agree on the establishment of the Brotherhood, beause a roman catholic Brotherhood is a collegial structure.



b) The authorisation of the Bishop of the diocesis and his approval of the Brotherhood statutes are nearly mandatory. They are mandatory for a public Society doing public processions. This is not mandatory for a private Society, which would be of no particular interest, but which can exist anyway as a consequence of Concile Vatican II (see Code of Canon Law #312 & #314).



c) A civil structure should be defined and registered by the co-Founders according to the Country laws, so that the Society can have legal existence.



d) A translated copy of the Blue Penitents of Toulouse Brotherhood statutes (or any other Blue Penitents Society statutes) in local language should be available and used by the co-Founders for the establishment, so that the established Society can wear the name Blue Penitents Brotherhood and follow its spirit.



e) Co-Founders should have a deep knowledge of the history of the Blue Penitents of Toulouse Brotherhood as an example. As of today, there are no English versions of the different books written on the subject that we know of. Sorry for that.






Texts to be usefully read


Code of Canon Law published in 1983 : can. 215, 216, 298, 299, 300, 301, 314, 317, 319, 322, 324 & 329.





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